Our History

How we started, and where we’re going.

Implementation of the work of Cosmic Bobbins Foundation and Cleveland Sews Initiative is already underway on a grassroots level. In October of 2015, Cosmic Bobbins Foundation was awarded Enterprise Community Partner’s Nurture an Idea Award for their workforce program, Cleveland Sews.

Workforce Development Programming: Historically, this is how Cosmic Bobbins Foundation is understood. Working with a variety of underserved populations, from youth to special needs and international communities, Cosmic Bobbins Foundation is looking to expand their big picture vision.

Program Design of Cleveland Sews Workforce Program: A collaborative hub where the art of sewing creates sustainable incomes for economically disenfranchised adults and youth. Cleveland Sews supports job placement, entrepreneurial ventures, and its own production house. Pilot projects include work with Cleveland’s refugee & immigrant communities, at-risk youth, senior citizens, and other vulnerable populations.

Program Specifics:
Cooperative Business Models and Facility managed by Cosmic Bobbins Foundation Staff
Adult Immigrant Workforce Support – Apprentice and mentorship programming to bridge extant skills to the American marketplace.
Youth Workforce Training – Apprenticeship opportunities for refugee and at-risk youth on-site and off-site trainings.
Adult Workforce Training –

Help fund a student’s path to learning valuable life skills.